10 November 2009

A panoply of embryos

The September 2009 issue of Genesis features a gorgeous array of animals early in their development, taken by students at the Woods Hole embryology course. The journal says that one of the images is of marbled crayfish, but doesn’t exactly provide a key.

I emailed the course organizers, and Nipam Patel got back to me, writing:

I should say that after looking again, it would be best to say that it is definitely a decapod crustacean, but it might actually be a crab larvae instead. I say this because the student who did the staining was working with a number of decapods (multiple crayfish and crab species) at the time and I am not certain that this image is actually Marmokrebs.

And, for the record, the crustacean is immediately under the words “Genetics and” in the subtitle, and is purple and green. Even if it isn’t Marmorkrebs... it’s still a superb cover.

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