27 January 2009

How do you like your algae? Crisp!

We're always on the lookout for food items that Marmorkrebs like, but that are convenient in requiring little handling or preparation time. Frederike Alwes tipped us off to TetraAlgae Tropical Crisps, which bigger, dedicated pet stores should have. Marmorkrebs really seem to enjoy it, which surprised me a little. Several other kinds of algae tablets I've tried in the past were mostly ignored.

Apologies to all the non-Canadians who don't get the ancient Coffee Crisp ad reference in the post title.


chuckr44 said...

My marmorkrebs like Cichlid Pellets, probably because they are meaty. Mfr unknown.

They also seem to like these reptile bites, which are 3mm-wide cylindar shapes.

I'll try the spirulina flakes tonight.

Adrian said...

I'll have to try those algae crisps. I have been looking for other things to feed them. What would be the ideal temperature to promote reproduction in the marmorkrebs? I have seen different temps at different sites. Ranges from 20°C to 30°C.